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be prepared for more fashion, food, and photography!


give a damn

recently, i've been loving things i never thought i'd ever love. leather, studs, chunky metallic jewelry, skulls, floral print, lace, military jackets, stripes. yet as much as it is unexpected, i absolutely adore it.
how did i survive without wearing these things? god only knows. i won't give up these things when style changes, oh not i won't. i'm head over heels in love.

really... i'm in love.


i like to move it, move it

merry christmas, everyone!


two is better than one

i came across a website a few months back, and i've only recently started really looking at it on a daily basis. they have how to create celebrity style cheaper, what's in style now, and how you can create your own look. it also deals with beauty, health, skin care... those type things.
i highly recommend checking it out.

college fashion



ain't nothing yet

hello hello!
i just found a store called chickdowntown. you need to check it out. for real. they have some fabulous things. here are a few of my favorites.

aren't they dashing?


you're going to go far

hello all!
and after who knows how long of being inactive, i think i'm back. and for good this time. school is finally over (hopefully i passed everything!) and with that being done, much stress is gone as well.
now, i could update you on everything that has happened in my life since i last posted... or i could just as easily post a beautiful picture in an attempt to make you forgive me. i'm voting for option number two.

i'll be brutally honest... i really did miss blogging.
i'm back.


you were my only

i feel so lost when i feel uninspired. i feel like the sky is falling down, and there's nothing i can do about it. i almost feel like the world is on the verge of ending.
i so want to be inspired. i've spent almost a month spending every night browsing through beautiful photography, and nothing is working.
i am so uninspired. so completely and utterly uninspired.
i started thinking, maybe if i started blogging again, i would somehow be inspired once again. and i'm praying it's working.
so, my darlings, i am back. my posts may be a bit blunt at first, but at least they'll be there.
i'm off in search of inspiration.